Google’s Digital Wellbeing features are now available for Pixel phones and Android One devices

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is an app of features that help you disconnect from your phone and make you realize how addicted you are to it. Digital Wellbeing 1.0 began rolling out last week to the beta channel of users. They have been testing the features since the August 2018 launch of Android 9 Pie.

Google’s Digital Wellbeing feature is designed to help you more responsibly use mobile software and prevent interruptions.they have formally exited the beta phase and are now available for all Google Pixel phones running Android 9 Pie, per 9to5Google. Announced as a company-wide initiative, Digital Wellbeing is an important stake for Google. It is available on  YouTube and Google Calendar, while at the 10/9 hardware event it launched on Google Home.

On Android. Digital Wellbeing is now going for version 1.0 and it provides a dashboard of device usage whereby Users can see how often they use certain applications with Screen time. while the number of notifications they receive and how often a phone is unlocked during the course of the day are also measured. App timers allow you to restrict apps usage to a specified amount of time each day.
Google now wants to try and help users stop using their devices before bed. It is essentially Do Not Disturb to limit notifications with the added capability of making your screen black and white with Grayscale. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL, users can be able to flip their phone so the screen is lying flat to automatically enable DND.

In recent months, Google nipped functionality and added a launcher and quick settings icon for faster access. Current users will notice that the beta label in the top-right corner has been removed throughout the dashboard. Overall, it is an insightful series of charts that most importantly puts all the key settings together.
The Digital Wellbeing 1.0 rolling out is now available to download without joining the public beta program via the Play Store.

Download it at Google Play link below.

Google Play Link


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